Made in India  
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified company
GST Number - 29AAIFA3562D1ZL

Welding Wire Feed Unit

Welding wire feed units are used in combination with geared PMDC motor for MIG welding. It has series of rollers that pushes the wire out to the welding torch. On larger power MIG welders the wire feed unit can be separate. The large spool of wire should be held on with a torque nut. The nut should be tight enough to keep the spool from unravelling so as to avoid over-run (birds nesting) when trigger is released, but not so tight that the rollers can't pull the wire from the spool. The wire from the spool goes into a set of rollers that pull the wire off of the big roll, this then pushes the wire up to the torch to the tip ready for welding.

We have a 2-roll feed system normally for smaller machines, this comprises of a bottom roller with grooves in and a top pressure roller which is flat and puts pressure on wire as set by tensioners to drive wire when the rollers turn.

Also we have 4-Roll system which has two bottom rollers and two top rollers which give a more stable wire feed and is better at feeding softer alloy wires than a 2-roll system. Some wire feed units also have geared 4-roll systems which helps to regulate wire flow speed with great accuracy resulting in exceptionally smooth welds.

Available Ranges

Output Watts 40 to 120 W
Voltage 24 to 110 V DC
FL Speed 25 to 200 RPM
Torque 2.5 to 15 Nm
Insulation Class B and F
Duty S1 (Continous Duty)
Drive Type 2 roll & 4 roll
Pressure roll type Free running/Gear driven
Roller diameter 30 mm and 37 mm
Type of groove "V"
Groove size in mm 0.8/1.2, 1.2/1.6
Standard Wire speed in meters/min 19 and 25
Custom Wire speed in meters/min 2.5 to 35


  • MIG welding
  • Automobile Industry
  • Building of bridges
Model Rollers Feed Rate RPM Watts HP Volts
F205102 Roller24 m/AT4:AT50min210800.1124
F205112 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F205122 Roller24 m/min210800.1142
F205132 Roller24 m/min210800.11110
F205142 Roller24 m/min210800.1124
F20514 S22 Roller6.97 m/min60800.1124
F205152 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F20515 S12 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F205162 Roller24 m/min210800.1142
F205172 Roller24 m/min210800.11110
F205182 Roller24 m/min2101200.1624
F205192 Roller24 m/min2101200.1636
F205202 Roller24 m/min2101200.1642
F205212 Roller24 m/min2101200.16110
F205212 Roller24 m/min2101200.16110
F20521 S12 Roller24 m/min2101200.16110
F205222 Roller24 m/min2101200.1624
F205222 Roller24 m/min2101200.1624
F205232 Roller24 m/min2101200.1636
F206102 Roller24 m/min210800.1124
F206112 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F206122 Roller24 m/min210800.1142
F206132 Roller24 m/min210800.11110
F206142 Roller24 m/min210800.1124
F206152 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F20615 S12 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F206162 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F206172 Roller24 m/min210800.11110
F206212 Roller24 m/min2101200.16110
F207102 Roller20 m/min210800.1124
F207112 Roller20 m/min210800.1136
F207122 Roller20 m/min210800.1142
F207132 Roller20 m/min210800.11110
F207142 Roller20 m/min210800.1124
F207152 Roller20 m/min210800.1136
F207162 Roller20 m/min210800.1142
F207172 Roller20 m/min210800.11110
F40105 S24 Roller7.5 m/min801200.16110
F401074 Roller20 m/min2101200.1624
F40107 S24 Roller20 m/min801200.1624
F404224 Roller20 m/min2101200.1624
F404234 Roller20 m/min2101200.1636
F404244 Roller20 m/min2101200.1642
F404254 Roller20 m/min2101200.16110
F405224 Roller20 m/min2101200.1624
F405234 Roller20 m/min2101200.1636
F405244 Roller20 m/min2101200.1642
F405254 Roller20 m/min2101200.16110
F406104 Roller20 m/min210800.1124
F406144 Roller24 m/min210800.1124
F406154 Roller24 m/min210800.1136
F406224 Roller24 m/min2101200.1624
F406234 Roller24 m/min2101200.1636
F406244 Roller24 m/min2101200.1642
F406254 Roller24 m/min2101200.16110