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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified company
GST Number - 29AAIFA3562D1ZL

PMDC Motors

A PMDC motor does not have a field winding on the stator frame, instead relying on PMs to provide the magnetic field against which the rotor field interacts to produce torque. Compensating windings in series with the armature may be used on large motors to improve commutation under load. Because this field is fixed, it cannot be adjusted for speed control. PM fields (stators) are convenient in miniature motors to eliminate the power consumption of the field winding. Most larger DC motors are of the "dynamo" type, which have stator windings. Historically, PMs could not be made to retain high flux if they were disassembled; field windings were more practical to obtain the needed amount of flux. However, large PMs are costly, as well as dangerous and difficult to assemble; this favors wound fields for large machines.

To minimize overall weight and size, miniature PM motors may use high energy magnets made with neodymium or other strategic elements; most such are neodymium-iron-boron alloy. With their higher flux density, electric machines with high-energy PMs are at least competitive with all optimally designed singly fed synchronous and induction electric machines. Miniature motors resemble the structure in the illustration, except that they have at least three rotor poles (to ensure starting, regardless of rotor position) and their outer housing is a steel tube that magnetically links the exteriors of the curved field magnets.


  • Suitable for continuous and intermittent duties.
  • Used for both clockwise and/or counter clockwise operations
  • Dual coated copper wire for enhanced performance
  • Graded steel Stampings for higher efficiency
  • Consistency in performance due to controlled in house magnetisation process
  • Dynamically balanced armatures for vibration free operation
  • Surge tested high reliable Armatures
  • Available with or without Gear
  • Compact in size with build in Gearbox
  • Die cast casings and end brackets ensures quality & durability
  • Protection : IP00/IP20/IP40
  • Insulation : Class B/F

Available Ranges

Output Watts 18 to 370 W
Voltage 12 to 240 V DC
FL Speed 1,200 to 6,000 RPM
Torque 0.03 to 3 Nm
Insulation Class B and F
Duty S1 (Continuous) and S2 ( Short duty)


  • Circuit breakers
  • Medical equipments
  • Laboratories
  • Treadmill
  • Solar fans
  • Vane Pumps
  • Dis connectors
  • Ring main Units (RMU)
  • Health fitness equipment
Model RPM Watts HP Volts
P101 S156000200.0324
P101 S210,000300.0436
P101 S36,000200.0324
P101 S44,000240.0312
P101 S510000200.0324
P101 S81,800180.0212
P101 S81800180.0212
P103 S11500180.0212
P103 S21800300.0412
P103 S31,800180.0212
P103 S61800180.0212
P103 S71800300.0412
P203 S43000800.1148
P203 S53,000800.1124
P301 S110,000800.11180
P301 S113,000800.1124
P301 S56,000800.1136
P302 S11,8001200.1624
P302 S113,0001400.1924
P302 S1430001200.16110
P302 S151,5001200.16110
P302 S1515001200.16110
P302 S161,8001800.2436
P302 S173,5001200.1624
P302 S23,800900.12190
P302 S73,0001200.1624
P306 S25,0001200.1636
P306 S35,0001800.2436
P306 S45,0001800.2436
P308 S15,0001200.1642
P309 S16,0001500.2024
P309 S35,0001500.2024
P401 S140001800.24180
P401 S1130001800.24180
P401 S171,5001800.2424
P401 S23,0001800.24180
P401 S430001800.24180
P401 S830001800.24180
P403 S101,300600.08220
P403 S121,2001800.24110
P403 S53,0001800.24180
P403 S63,3001800.24180
P403 S74,5001800.24180
P403 S83,0001800.24240
P403 S93,4001800.24240
P404 S220002350.32220