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Salient Features :

• Suitable for continuous and intermittent duties.
• Wide range between geared and ungeard version.
• Inbuilt Gearbox makes Motor compact.
• PMDC Motors suitable for clockwise and / or counterclockwise operation.
• Surge tested armatures ensures reliability of motors.
• Dynamically balanced armatures for vibration free operation.
• Die cast casings and end brackets ensures quality & durability.
• Dual coated copper wire for enhanced performance.
• Graded steel Stampings for higher efficiency.
• Consistancy in performance due to controlled inhouse magnetisation process.
Motor Features Permanent Magnet, Bi-directional electric Motor.
Watts 12 to 370 W
Volts 6 to 180 V dc
Torque 0.5kg-cm to 6kg-cm
Rpm 1500 to 10,000
Duty cycle Continuous/Intermittent
Geared Motor Features:
Torque 3kg-cm to 250kg-cm
Rpm 0.5 to 340
Duty cycle Continuous/Intermittent
Gear Box Worm reduction with inbuilt, compact Aluminium casing.

Welding wire feeders, Process Automation, Servo controlled Voltage stabilizers, Automatic coil winding machines, Circuit Breakers, Centralised Lubrication Systems, Solar Fans, Laboratory and Medical Equipments etc.
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